How to Start a Car Without a Key?

How to Start a Car Without a Key?

by Davis
How to Start a Car Without a Key?

If you own a car or any other vehicle, you may have encountered several automobile issues, such as car shaking and losing your key. In the latter case, you might panic about how to start your car without using a key. If you find yourself stuck in such an unfortunate situation, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.”. There are so many tricks and methods to start a car without a key and get rid of the problem at hand. From using a screwdriver to a hammer drill and red coil wire, you can employ any one of the methods to start the car without a key fob. Understanding your concern, this article’s guide aims to help you solve your automobile problems.Methods and Tricks to Start a Car without a Key

Methods and Tricks to Start a Car without a Key

When you are locked out of a car and stuck in an emergency situation, you might start wondering how to start a car without a key fob. This might seem impossible at first but with our article guide, you can easily do so. So, without any further ado, let’s get into the guide on how to start a car without keys.

1. Spare Key Method to Start a Car Without a Key

  • The first method in how to start a car without a key fob is using the extra or replacement key method. Probably, all car owners have spare keys for their automobiles. Having a spare key is the most simple and secure approach to starting your vehicle or car.
  • Get the spare key from a safe place, such as one’s residence. Or it can be in the hands of a trustworthy person who owns it.
  • Activate the vehicle’s engine and unlock the door using the secondary key in the same manner you would use the original key.
  • This technique prevents any possible vehicle damage and is the preferred method whenever feasible.

2. Lock Pick Set for Handling the Situation

  • The second step in how to start a car without the key is utilizing the lock pick set.
  • Proper equipment and knowledge, including a lock pick set, are necessary for lock picking.
  • Check the model of your car; begin the process by inserting the tension wrench into the keyhole’s bottom and applying an even amount of force in the direction the key would rotate.
  • Employ the lock pick to control the pins contained within the lock cylinder while maintaining the tension wrench’s pressure.
  • Setting the pins in the proper positions could potentially enable the door to release and the lock to rotate with adequate effort and practice.
  • Depending on the make and model of the vehicle, the procedure for beginning the vehicle without a key may differ once inside. This is a good replacement for the keys you lost.

3. Key Fob Battery Replacement Method to Help You Out

  • In case the key fob battery fails to power on a vehicle equipped with a keyless entry system, a replacement can be performed to restore functionality.
  • To locate the battery compartment on the key fob, check the owner’s manual for your vehicle.
  • Observe the orientation of the old battery as you remove it from the battery compartment by opening it.
  • Proceed by inserting a replacement battery that is identical in size and type, taking care to align it in accordance with the inside markings of the compartment. also, check the positive battery terminal.
  • After closing the battery compartment, verify that the key transmitter is functioning properly by testing it.
  • As usual, unlock the vehicle and initiate the ignition using the key fob.

4. Remote Start System to Start a Car Without a Key

  • If you have lost your key, the next method how to start a push-button car without the key is trying out the remote start system,
  • You may be able to initiate the vehicle’s operation by utilizing the remote control if your vehicle is fitted with a remote start system. This system is a replacement for the key fob programming.
  • The manual for your vehicle contains detailed instructions on how to operate the remote start function.
  • Remotely starting a vehicle’s engine typically requires pressing a designated button on the remote control.
  • This approach offers convenience in the event that the remote control is operational and situated within proximity to the vehicle.

5. Hotwiring to Start a Car Without a Key

  • To hotwire a vehicle, the ignition system is bypassed in order to start the engine directly.
  • This approach is strongly discouraged on account of its unlawful nature and the potential for causing harm to the vehicle.
  • Skill in the automobile’s wiring system is essential for this task, which generally entails the identification and manipulation of particular cables located beneath the steering column.
  • Without the appropriate knowledge, attempting to hotwire a vehicle can cause electrical damage or even fires.

6. Ignition System Bypass

  • if you are trying out tricks on how to start my car without a key, get ready to try this one out. “Hotwiring,” also known as bypassing the ignition system, is a technique mainly used on older vehicles that possess more basic electrical systems.
  • To initiate the vehicle, one must manually complete the circuit after identifying the ignition wires. Participating in this activity improperly is prohibited and may result in irreparable harm to the electrical system of the vehicle.
  • It is crucial to note that in the majority of jurisdictions, attempting to hotwire a vehicle without the appropriate authorization and training is illegal.

7. Call for Professional Help to Start a Car Without a Key

  • It is advisable to seek professional assistance if you are on how to start a push-start car without the key. Call the professionals if you are unable to start your automobile without the key or if any of the aforementioned methods prove impracticable or unsafe.
  • Seek the assistance of a certified locksmith or automotive technician who possesses the requisite knowledge and equipment to unlock your vehicle securely. If required, they can also fabricate a replacement key or perform ignition system repairs. Although there may be a charge for professional services, they provide the most dependable and secure resolution to your issue.

Before trying to start a vehicle without the key, it is critical to think about the legal implications and potential vehicle damage associated with these techniques. Seeking professional assistance is the most sensible and secure course of action whenever possible.

If you want to know about more tricks, such as the hammer method, check out Lisa Conant’s blog.


To sum up, this article covered different methods and tricks to start a car without a key. If you are lost the keys to your car, don’t panic and try out any of the feasible method now to start your vehicle.

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